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There are plenty of rug cleaning and rug restoration companies in Long Island. Why would you choose to do business with Best Rug Cleaner Long Island? Good question! The answer is simple: because you want the best rug cleaning services and we are the only company capable of meeting your strictest demands and expectations. Here at Best Rug Cleaner Long Island, we make sure that each rug and each carpet is cleaned the right way. Our procedures take into consideration things like rug type, fabric type and color. We tailor each cleaning procedure to the specific item. This guarantees that your valuable rugs and carpets can't get damaged. Call us for more information: 516-708-0310 !

Customer-focused Rug Cleaning Services

Everyone at Best Rug Cleaner Long Island is very customer-oriented. We really don't take any chances. Our goal is to meet or exceed your every expectation. In other words, exceptional customer service is our number one concern. All our rug cleaners know this and we all work as one. When you need Persian rug cleaning, area rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, and commercial rug cleaning services in Long Island, you need Best Rug Cleaner Long Island. No other company will be able to provide you with the same level of quality we can. Some of the other perks of working with us include:

We are family owned and operated

Holidays appointments welcome

Weekend appointments possible

Quick, simple scheduling

Licensed, insured and bonded techs

We guarantee your satisfaction

Affordable prices

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FREE Pickup, FREE Delivery

If you live or operate in Long Island, Best Rug Cleaner Long Island is ready to send you an expert to inspect and pick up the rugs and carpets from your location. You just need to schedule an appointment with us and tell us where to come. But the best part has yet to come. Our pickup and delivery services are FREE. It may sound like a joke, but it's not. We will really pick up and return the items to your location free of charge. And no, there are no hidden fees anywhere either.

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Any Rug, Any Size

Can we clean your precious Persian rug? Do we know how to clean a large Oriental rug? Yes and yes! In fact, we are perfectly capable of cleaning any type of rug or any size and shape. Our seasoned rug cleaners have extensive experience cleaning any rug you can think of, including all of the following:

Area rugs

Wool rugs

Moroccan rugs

Persian rugs

Silk rugs

Indian rugs

Oriental rugs

Handmade rugs

And many more


Affordable Rug Cleaning Services

Rug cleaning in Long Island doesn't get cheaper than this. However, please note that just because our services are inexpensive doesn't mean they are subpar. We work hard to deliver the best rug cleaning services in town. Best Rug Cleaner Long Island is a reputable company that has been providing residents with exemplary rug cleaning service for years.

All Rugs Hand-washed By Us

Did you know that we hand-wash each and every rug and carpet? We know that it takes time. We know that it is difficult. However, by not using washing machines, we can guarantee that your items will not be damaged during the cleaning and drying process. Other companies in Long Island will just throw your precious rugs into the washing machine and pray the resulting damage isn't visible right away.